About us

Qingdao Opal Industrial Co., Ltd, being a modern agricultural industrialization enterprise with the capability of production, marketing and export trade, has formed a complete one-stop planting and processing system combining the base and farmers together, who has 3 factories respectively with different product lines and processing workshops of more than 15, 000 square meters.Main products are bean vermicelli ,rice vermicelli noodles and fresh vegetables,products had been exported to Japan ,Europe,Morocco and Southeast Asia for over 9 years ,its popular for the high quality and low price. 

We care about the issue of food safety as you do. Safety, good quality, deserved reputation is our business principles. Our products processed under HACCP/GMP guidelines to assure the products with 100% safety. 




Contact: Anna

Phone: 18765234471

E-mail: info@opal-food.com

Add: Qingdao City,Shangdong province,China

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